My story!

Allana - Digital Artist

Hi! I’m Allana and I am the brain behind by Zumbo.

I have been drawing art and tabling at conventions since 2020 and previous to that I was an active cosplayer from 2012-2020.

I love all things cute and pink but I’m also an elder emo who never grew out of that phase, so I like to fuse these two styles together to create what you see on this site!

My favourite things to draw are nostalgia anime, such as Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. I am also a massive Pro Wrestling fan, and like to show a lot of love to my favourite wrestlers through my art. Other than fandom art you will also find original art, with a focus on the more witchy gothy vibes, like cool ass moths!

When I’m not drawing or attending conventions and markets, you can find me either in my sewing room working on wrestling costume commissions, or working in my studio hair salon where I’m creating art on people’s heads. I’ve been hairdressing since 2010 and sewing wrestling costumes since 2019, both are a huge passion of mine. Working for myself gives me the flexibility to attend events and focus on my art in between the salon and wrestling orders.

I hope you find something you like while you’re here, and I look forward to seeing your faces at upcoming events!

Hired Help!

Maddie - Event assistant / Best friend / Good time gal

We all know none of the in person events would be possible without a little (a lot) of help. I physically can't be still for too long or I go crazy, and I am eepy baby that can't do long days.

That's where Maddie comes in! You will see her at most local and interstate events behind the table. Honestly, you'll probably see her face more than you'll see mine.

She's also much nicer than I am.

So please be kind to her, coz I sure as hell am not.